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To provide a fair and equal work environment and protect all workers’ rights, while helping our members secure employment and achieve success in the floorcovering industry.

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our objectives

Our core objective is to help flooring worker obtain an adequate wage so they and their families can enjoy a quality standard of living and financial security. We endeavor to increase market share by providing competitive, quality installations by trained union flooring workers.

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  • To organize workers

  • To secure adequate pay for work

  • To promote the establishment of benefit plans for our members through the collective bargaining process

  • To encourage an apprenticeship system and a higher standard of skill

  • To develop, improve and enforce the program and standards of Occupational Safety and Health

  • To cultivate friendship, and to develop good public relations in the community

  • To assist each other to secure employment

  • To reduce the hours of daily labour

  • To elevate the moral, intellectual and social conditions of all our members and to improve the trade in every way possible

one of the best Vancouver flooring worker union

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our flooring worker union? Read our FAQ below or contact us to get your question answered.

Yes! You, along with your spouse/dependents will receive an employer paid pension for income replacement when retired. As well as, health and welfare benefits for you and your family.

YES!  there are multiple Union companies that specialize in a variety of floorcovering. This gives you options to learn and/or install the types of flooring that suit your installation style! 

Union dues support the advocation of floor covering issues and representation! Union dues give, not only yourself, but others the opportunity to receive fair wages, pension savings, health and welfare coverage that are essential throughout your career and beyond.

Nothing! as a Union member, you will have access to all training throughout your career. The training we provide will separate you from the rest resulting in consistent work opportunities and career advancement.

Meetings are optional, however, highly encouraged. Union meetings are the time to discuss current issues that impact the flooring industry and are the forum by which we make collective decisions on our future!

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